Sunday, 7 June 2015

A return to Yoga - Crandon Runs Friday photo #36

A round up with of Crandon runs in one weekly photo

With all the triathlon training, yoga seems to have fallen by the wayside recently so I was really excited when I found The Yoga Lounge was holding a 3 hour alignment and technique workshop on a day which I was actually free!

I'm not at all advanced in yoga; I find some classes way too quick (read: hard) for me and I'm often unsure whether I'm practicing and holding poses correctly. A workshop focusing on technique sounded perfect for me, especially as it was being run by my favourite yoga teacher Eleanor who has recently left Manchester to live in Bristol.

Yoga workshop - view from my mat
Over the three hours we warmed up with some flow sequences before breaking down about 10 basic poses found in many yoga classes and looking at them in detail. What I really took away from this was focusing on your individual alignment and technique rather than what you think might 'look' like the 'proper' yoga pose. We also used belts and blocks to help us further and handouts to make handy notes for future yoga practice.

It was great. I felt that I really learned a lot and know now that it's much better to get the basics straight before attempting more advanced postures. A good life lesson there too! Making notes felt like I was in yoga school (does such a place exist and if so can I go please?!) and teas and nibbles kept us going throughout the class.

Now I just need to find some time to head to yoga and put what I learnt into practice.

If you live in Bristol, count yourself lucky and go and seek out Eleanor's classes. You will love them!

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