Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas Pudding 5 mile Dash

No, absolutely not. In no way did I enter this race because you get a Christmas pudding at the end. NO WAY!

Christmas 'tis the season to don a Santa outfit / elf hat / Christmas pudding baubles and get your run on. There are a plethora of festive runs out there, Santa Dash, Reindeer Run, Yule Yomp - you name it, people love to run in the name of Christmas.

Today was my turn and I came in second lady in the 5 mile Christmas Pudding Dash! In addition to the medal and post run pudding I also bagged a podium place and a bottle of wine. Perfect post race refuel and re-hydration...

Take a look to see how I got on.

Friday, 28 November 2014

CrandonRuns Friday Photo #9

A round-up of Crandon Runs in one weekly photo

This week among many other runs including through a pitch black park (more on that this week), I am mostly looking forward to my first festive run with the Manchester Christmas Pudding 5 mile dash this weekend. Not my first Christmas run this year, no, my first ever! Now where did I leave my santa hat...?

How kind that they also allocated me my age as my race number...(ahem)

Friday, 21 November 2014

CrandonRuns Friday Photo #8

A round up of CrandonRuns in one weekly photo

There was a time when Friday nights were solely reserved for partying. 

Well the times they have changed. Tonight saw me and runner babe Sheila, bring our own disco lights to our rain soaked night time ninja run. Our inaugural head torch run was a party in its own right....but with much less booze and a lot more sweat. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Crandon Runs Friday Photo #7

A round up of Crandon Runs in one weekly photo

This week has seen me enter the world of hill sprints. 

For my first ever session I tentatively joined the Manchester YMCA Harriers to repeatedly sprint up and down a hill. 

It was an 'incline' they said. LIES! It did not feel like it by the 8th time! (or the second for that matter.)

But who knew running hills could be so much FUN?


Happy running folks!

*not actual hill we ran - obviously. I would be dead.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Crandonruns Friday Photo #6

A round up of CrandonRuns on one weekly photo

This week I've been celebrating all things Autumn - and here's another! It's the season when every runner's favourite fuel really comes into it's own. With milk, honey, cinnamon, banana, berries, the opportunities are endless. Pre-run? Post-run? Who cares?! Autumn is all about the porridge.

Mmmm.....hug in a bowl.

Enjoy your Autumn running folks.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Winter vs Summer Running

Well it's here. Time to face facts and pull out your running thermals, folks. Autumn is upon us.

And I for one am so bloody pleased! The joy of running in the cold way out-weighs the fun of running in the Summer months. Sure, the days are shorter; the cold early mornings mean morning runs are harder to crawl out of your nice warm bed for; and the rain, hail, wind and snow are an added, uh feature to contend with. 

But don't these just add to the fun of it all?

Choosing to run Berlin as my first marathon was largely based on the fact I wanted to train through the Summer months instead of training all winter. Oh, how young and foolish I was! The heat of the summer, trudging through what felt like the air from a hairdryer, with the sun in your eyes and the sunburn from a 3 hour training run were not what I had factored in. Compare that to the feeling of getting yourself warm through running in the cold, as your breath glows in front of you while the lights from the city make you feel like you're flying - there really is no contest for me.

Having now experienced marathon training in both Summer and Winter, I am glad that I decided to undertake the challenge of the London marathon and not let the thoughts of winter training ruin it for me. I am now an older and wiser runner and am happy to say I much prefer the winter runs.

That's not to say that it doesn't come without its own challenges. The snow is a big frustration, when you really want to be out pounding the pavement only to wake up to a blizzard, while the threat of injury inducing running on ice is both a danger and a nightmare. But the rain is never as bad as it seems once you're out there and the muddy soaked-through tired exhaustion at the end of it makes your training feel twice as earned. 

And hey, when you are treated to beautiful days, with the sun low in the sky, and you're bundled up all warm in your headband, gloves, long sleeves, etc there is no feeling like it.

So don't moan about the weather, embrace it, go forth and run it. 


Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Rundown - November

Live near Manchester and want to get your sweat on? Then look no further - here's the Rundown for November.

European Outdoor Film Tour
6th Nov, Manchester
The European Outdoor Film tour comes to Manchester this month, showcasing the best of adventure films, from kayaking in remotest Mongolia to free climbing cranes and holding on with only one hand - these films are not made by the faint-hearted. Luckily you can enjoy them from the comfort of your cinema seat.

MoRun Series
9th Nov, Heaton Park
The MoRun series is back this year, with new runs in Liverpool and Newcastle. I've done this one in Heaton Park for the past two years (did I mention I came third lady last year??!) and I can't recommend it enough. Great atmosphere and all for a great cause. Get yourself down there.

Up and Running Night Run Series
12 Nov, Leeds / 19 Nov, Manchester
Up and Running are offering a series of night time runs from all of their stores throughout Winter, to help us navigate the dark nights. And they are FREE. This month in Manchester it's the 19th. Just sign up via the website for your chosen run.

'Hamstring for Dummies' Yoga Workshop
23rd Nov, Manchester
All that running tightened your muscles? Then head over to The Yoga Lounge for a workshop dedicated solely to releasing and stretching your hamstrings. Open to all, don't let the mention of a Powerpoint put you off.

National Trust Nostrell Priory Night Run
29th Nov, Near Wakefield,  Yorkshire
Ever wanted to don a head torch, and run around a National Trust property in the dark? Of course you have. Part of the National Trust's Night Run series, the Nostrell Priory offers 2km and 6 km options. Lots of other runs available around the country throughout Winter, including nearer to Manchester.

Manchester Christmas Pudding 5 mile Dash
30th Nov, Manchester
A 5 mile dash around Wythenshawe Park. A medal AND a mince pie await you at the finish line and the 11am start means you get an extra hour in bed. I'm all signed up - see you there!

Know of any events not listed here? Then drop me a line at and I'll add it to the Rundown.