Monday, 8 June 2015

These Girls Can (and so can you)

The This Girl Can campaign from Sport England has been a huge success since it's launch in January. Empowering women to get fit and feel good while doing so, we have been encouraged to sweat, have fun and not give a damn how we look while doing what we love.

You can't have escaped the brilliant campaign, featuring real women (ie not professional athletes) doing sport which makes them happy and not giving in to the fear of being judged. And now, you can not only get the t-shirt (sadly only in pink and white) but also feature in your own poster ad! The best submissions will also be shown on billboards in your county and on the campaigns facebook page.

I cannot get enough of the campaign, the message and these ads. Just brilliant.

Head here to make your poster now and continue to be awesome ladies.

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