Friday, 12 June 2015

Fitting it all in - Crandon Runs Friday photo #37

A round up of Crandon Runs in one weekly photo

No matter what your goal, fitting in your training around a full time job is hard work. We are all familiar with the 6am alarm, the midday 'runch' and the post-work work-out in a bid to get it all done. Knowing I would be working long hours away from the office all week, I was worried how I'd fit triathlon training in too. Then I realised I would be working on location 10 miles from home - a perfect distance to get on my bike and a chance to log some longer rides.

Cycling selfies!
I've cycled about 70 miles in the last few days, which is a massive increase for me. The sunny weather has made me happy to jump on my bike for my morning ride, despite the enormous hills and the rides home have helped me unwind AND saved me from a later workout after I got home. Commute training is a total time giver. I've also been channeling my inner diva and having a little sing song. Sorry about that, people of Manchester. But after swallowing many many bugs, the biggest lesson I've learnt is to cycle with my mouth shut. So there goes tonight's stage performance.

How do you manage to fit in your training? Share your top tips in the comments below.

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