Sunday, 12 July 2015

The dreaded treadmill - Friday photo #39

A round up of CrandonRuns in one weekly photo

I've been working away most of the week and staying in less than runner friendly areas, (think hotels at the side of motorways - glamorous). Long hours and working away has meant I've missed loads of Thursday night club runs with the Manchester YMCA Harriers, and that the view from my run has sadly often looked like this instead:

The Dreaded Treadmill
I hate the treadmill. It's so hot and I cannot overcome the repetitive boredom of running but staying put on the same spot. Running outdoors is so much more fun, give me the sweltering heat or the Manchester rain outside any day - at least battling the elements keeps it interesting. I'm also convinced that there is some time continuum where seconds on a treadmill last much longer than they do in real life too.

So when I awoke last Saturday morning to Twitter messages re an impromptu Harriers meet up at parkrun I was stoked. We came, we saw, we cheered on all our runners, and we conquered the run in hot and muggy conditions. A fantastic unexpected running start to everyone's weekend, which totally beat every soulless air conditioned treadmill run I'd been on that week.

And then last night I actually made it down to the club run. 8 miles of sunny, breezy canal running and chatting with the harriers has undone the horror of the treadmill and restored the running balance again. Phew!

Impromptu Harriers meet up

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