Friday, 17 July 2015

Time to tri - Friday photo #40

A round up of Crandon Runs in one weekly photo

Well, it's almost here. This week I received this lovely and terrifying bit of post:

Triathlon ready?
That's it - just over three weeks to go until I take on my first triathlon. Receiving this post has made me really excited. Excited to be taking on a new challenge and happy that I am not putting too much pressure on myself. I'm trying to think of the triathlon as doing three things I enjoy, in quick succession, rather than as a full on scary triathlon. My race goal is to enjoy it, learn from the experience and just give it my all and try my best. I may not be at the front, or even in the middle but as long as I give it everything I've got I'll be a happy bunny. Judging by my training I think I might be able to do it in under 2 hours, and I'll be happy with that or somewhere near.

But whilst I'm fairly calm regarding things like finish times, receiving this post has brought up some other anxieties. Current and very real new concerns are:

1) My hair. Seriously ladies how do you wear your hair under a helmet?! A ponytail is too bulky yet having it down is no good for the run. I'm thinking braids. Help! One of my Tricurious teammates has hinted she might just shave her head which may just be the way forward.

2) My bike, Is it safe? Will it pass inspection? Is my helmet OK? What will I do if I get a puncture? No seriously? Even if I manage to change the inner tube how do I inflate it? ARGH!

3) How will I get to the triathlon with my bike? Once in London how do I get it to where I'm staying? Can bikes travel on the tube? Apparently yes, but only at certain times. Can they go on overground? Do I have to pay?? This one was playing heavily on my mind until I realised I am talking about moving a vehicle. Stupid Crand - I can cycle it across London! Pray for me.

This is just a teeny tiny small glimpse into the questions and worries I'm currently trying to conquer. So whilst I'm excited, I'm also a tiny bit scared about the unknown. But I guess this is half the fun. Right?!

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