Friday, 22 May 2015

Kit kit kit - CR Friday Photo #34

A round up of Crandon Runs in one weekly photo

Another week, another new toy to play with. I might have 'accidentally' made another big triathlon training purchase this week: please meet our new lodger...

Pictured here with my (ahem - also new) road bike for my upcoming triathlon with Team Tricurious, this wet suit is the latest addition to my kit bag.

Although these are big bits of kit and necessary items for competing, I've made sure they've not blown the bank. The wet suit is brand new but hired with the option to buy at the end of the season (much cheaper than hiring each time I go for an open water swim), and the bike was at the lowest end of the range and on a massive reduction. I've also invested in a tri suit for the bike and run legs, which cost a very reasonable £15 from Aldi. So although three sports means more equipment it doesn't have to mean three times the money. Which leaves me with more money to spend on my other love - FOOD.

Apologies to my very understanding boyfriend for turning our spare room into what looks like a transition zone.

You can read more about my open water adventures here and follow my fellow Team Tricurious members here.

What's top of your kit list? Do you splurge or save?


  1. New kit is always exciting, but with three sports I can imagine it could get quite pricey. thank goodness for Aldi! ;-)
    - Kirsten (The Blog Runner &
    Virtual Running UK)

    1. Absolutely - Aldi is an unexpected triathlon gem!