Thursday, 7 May 2015

Crandon Runs goes trampolining

The BBC recently looked at whether trampolining was better for you than running. Apparently since then, fitness trampolining classes have been booked out with people ready to take the jump. I went along to Jump Nation with my two friends Mel and Chantal, to see what the fuss was about. Incidentally, it did take us ages to book on! 

Fitness Trampolining
As soon as I got on the trampoline, I literally could not stop smiling. It was just so much fun. I defy you to get on a trampoline and be unhappy. If you are feeling a little blue and down in the dumps today, stop what you are doing and go get yourself on to a trampoline immediately - I guarantee you will feel instantly happier. More than happy: deliriously joyful.

Like most fitness classes, the instructor led the class from the front on her own trampoline, higher than the rest of us so you can all see what to do. She took us through a 45 min class to pumping music. We started off with a warm up including some bouncing, holding arms out which is more intense than it sounds due to the resistance, and doing various different jumps. The class then got progressively harder and as well as different jumps, also included loads of squats, push ups, sit ups and other exercises which were harder whilst also trying to hold your balance on the trampoline. I forgot how much fun it was to work out to loud music too and after the class I really felt like I'd had a good work out.

We have since been back, and whilst the second time was still really fun, as with any fitness class the enjoyment and quality of the class really depends on the instructor. Our second time was not as good instructor wise but we still got to go and spend an evening jumping about on trampolines like total loons.

All through the classes I had a smile on my face and I think this has to be the most enjoyable fitness class I've ever taken. I kept thinking of the scene from 'Big' and wishing I was like Tom Hanks and had one in my flat.

Get yourself down to a class for some fitness fun - puff ball skirts are optional.


  1. This looks so much fun! I think I'll have to put it on my summer bucket list. I used to love trampolining in school.

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