Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New season: Looking ahead

Since the Triathlon, I've been feeling a bit of a mix of emotions when it comes to training. Part of me has been relishing the freedom of doing whatever work out I feel like, whenever I like! Running as usual, has been featuring a lot but I've found myself longing for a bit of yoga and so have often sacked off a run or cycle in favour of a good old stretch amid the rooftops of Manchester, (with cariad yoga, my new favourite class) or some hot yoga. And only doing a little bit of swimming and cycling as and when I feel like it. Bad triathlete.

Rooftop yoga
But alongside this feeling of freedom, I've felt a little bit lost with no big goal race in sight. With no marathon on the cards this year, the triathlon was something totally new and different to work towards. So what now?

But with the beginning of September, along with the whiff of new pencil cases, comes the feeling of possibilities, and my mind has been turning to Spring marathons. I've been thinking a lot about which marathon to run come April: Paris, Manchester or London (Ballot permitting)?

I also seem to have forgotten in all the excitement of Summer, that I do in fact have a pretty exciting and challenging race coming up - the Equinox 24 hour relay. Our team of eight, made up mostly from the Manchester YMCA Harriers, will run as many 10k laps as we can from midday Saturday to midday Sunday at the end of the month. Eek! It's not far away and in a bid to get used to running on already tired legs, yesterday I tried my first double run day: a few morning miles followed by my first Tuesday Track session with the club, and a lot of cycle commuting in between for good measure.

It made me feel tired. But it also felt OK! I'll try and do a few more double day sessions in the next two weeks to hopefully help me get ready for the big day.

I'm excited about the unknown, but mostly looking forward to a whole weekend, camping, running and having fun with the club. Can't wait!

Tuesday Track

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