Friday, 3 April 2015

The right running shoe - Crandon Runs Friday Photo #27

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After the Wilmslow Half a couple of weeks ago, and my recent run with Radcliffe I realised my legs were hurting. I don't mean normal or expected post-run muscle aches and pains, but something else. Something was amiss and I'd experienced it before. 

When I first started running I was in the wrong trainers, leading to painful and tender shins along with other odd aches and pains. It only took a few trips to the doctors, x-rays and physio sessions to tell me I had flat feet, weak ankles and unsuitable trainers which I needed to sort. Oh the shame! 

So when these niggles showed up again recently I realised that whilst I'd been paying a lot of attention to my running and training, I'd completely forgotten to keep a check on what I was running in - my beloved trainers. I'd been running in them for almost a year, including a marathon! Whoops, that's way too long and too many miles for one little pair to cope with. Happily I knew I just needed some new kicks and took to one of my favourite past times with glee, an actual bone-fide reason to be shopping for new kit. Hallelujah. 

Box fresh - Nike+ Zoom Structure

If you're in the market for new trainers, before you do anything get yourself to a Sweatshop and get your gait analysed to make sure you get the right support you need. It's not time consuming, there is no pressure to purchase and it will change your running life. And you'll get to chat about running - happy days!

After a quick chat with Rick at my local Sweatshop I opted for the newest version of my old faithful Nike Zoom Structure, but this time I went for the men's range, literally because they were £30 cheaper and Rick assured me the fit would be fine. I'm cheap, what can I say. I had a little run on the treadmill to test them out and watched back the video to see how my foot fell in them. Lovely, and right for me and my weak ankles. 

With barely any normal coloured toenails left (you're most welcome for that mental image) I also opted for a half size bigger than my usual size. When you're clocking up the double digit miles you need to do this. 

Yesterday I took my new shoes out for a spin. The only issue I have with these is that there isn't a little space in the shoe for my nike plus sensor which I thought was standard these days, so I stuck it under the lining instead. Not a full time solution but it worked. 
Spot the Nike+ Sensor

After 9 miles in the evening light yesterday I was very very happy and my funny little aches and pains have gone. And they look pretty too.

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