Friday, 10 April 2015

Marathon Mania is here - Crandon Runs Friday Photo #28

A round up of Crandon Runs in one weekly photo

There is nothing like this stark reminder which I stumbled across during a morning run this week, to announce that marathon time is well and truly here.

Manchester Marathon - it's almost time
Kicking off with Brighton and Paris marathons this weekend, Manchester marathon the next (wahoo!) followed by London in a couple of weeks, it is well and truly marathon season and I for one cannot wait. The nerves, the atmosphere, the emotions and the huge huge achievement for everyone taking part. I love it all and am known to shed a tear or two just watching. 

After tackling two marathons last year, I am running Manchester marathon in a couple of weeks as a half and half relay team. I figure this is a good way to suss out the course in prep for potentially running it next year, whilst also giving me an excuse to run a relay with my running buddy and all round awesome person Sheila, and go for a well earned mega brunch afterwards. Priorities set.

My plan for the race is to have fun, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy running part of a marathon in my adopted city. This will be a great warm up for heading to London the following week to shout and cheer like a total loon for all the runners tackling the marathon there.  

If you're gearing up for a full marathon then you are more than aware that big day is almost here. Good luck and remember not to poo your pants. 

Are you running this year? Let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to cheer you on!

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