Friday, 13 March 2015

Running and International Women's Day - Crandon Run's Friday Photo #24

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The internet was full this Sunday of awesome women, and men, taking to the roads en mass to run in celebration of International Women's Day. GREAT STUFF. Runs were taking place all over the world, from huge organised runs to women running solo because they can.

But it wasn't always this way for us female runners.

Not so long ago, women were thought to be 'unable' to run marathons. In 1967 - yes only in the sixties - Kathrine Switzer entered the Boston Marathon to prove to her coach that she could not only take on but also finish the distance as a woman. Having entered legitimately and surrounded by an all male crew, Switzer put on her lipstick and began her first marathon.

Kathrine Switzer 1967 Boston Marathon
Despite male organisers trying to grab her number off her mid race and push her off course for having the audacity to run as a woman (pictured above), she finished and became the first female to ever complete a marathon. The event, and Switzer, made headlines all over the world, paving the way for all of us female runners today.

We still battle on a daily basis; from street athletes continually reporting receiving harassment while out training, to large organised races still offering smaller prizes for female participants, there is still a way to go. But people like Katherine Switzer really forged the way in showing the world that we are equal in everything, including our sporting ability and running. Looking at my twitter feed, instagram, whatever - the level of support us female runners show to each other, many of whom we've never met in person, is strong. And I am proud to be part of that community. 

So ladies, and supportive men, keep doing what you're doing and inspiring us all.

Talk about This Girl Can.

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