Friday, 13 February 2015

Pool-side Yoga - Crandon Runs Friday Photo #20

I'm back from holiday! Huge thanks to the mighty Katie Chappelle for holding the fort while I've been gone, and giving us lots of lovely recipes, ideas and running chat!

Like running, yoga is a great way of exercising without needing much, if any equipment so you can really do it anywhere. If you've been going to class and instructed properly, after a while you might feel confident enough to try your own sequence.

After a cramped 6 hour flight and a new bed my back was all out of whack, but I knew a little yoga would help. Especially when you can hold your yoga practice in the morning sun on your own pool-side veranda.

morning sunshine yoga

I have never done my own practice before without at least a YouTube video to instruct me. But I really loved it and made sure I did some of the poses I hate but would be good for me, as well as my favourites.

After just twenty minutes my back felt much better and I was raring to take on the day. A busy day of lying by the pool and going to the beach that is...

Happy Friday folks!

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