Friday, 27 February 2015

Birthday Running (or not) - Crandon Runs Friday Photo #22

This week I celebrated my birthday! Sadly I didn't have the genius to organise a Birthday Beer Run like the brilliant Laura Fountain aka Lazy Girl Running -  birthday, beer and running, er yes please! Instead I celebrated with a parkrun PB on the Saturday and shunned running altogether on the big day, opting instead to celebrate with lots of food, wine and well, more food. It was amazing.

I did however get some delightful running gifts, including this rather appropriate gift from one of my sisters.
I love running food
I also received some wonderful running books which I can't wait to get stuck into... 

Which brings me nicely onto this article which I found last week from Runners World about a group of runners who set up a running book club. Add this to Lazy Girl Running's beer run and I would be basically in running book beer heaven. That's next year's celebrations sorted then.

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