Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year's Runolutions

That's a word right? Runolutions? Well there it is...used.

Lots of people scoff at New Year's resolutions and think that if you want to make a change, you shouldn't wait until January and burden yourself with unattainable goals during an already depressing month.

(These people may also be the types who bemoan 'January Gym-goers' who are really people actively doing something healthy to their lives which is nothing to belittle. Stop the hating people! Remember you were once new to all this too.)

Anyway I digress. I see their point - January can be a little bleak after all the fun of Christmas and I whole-heartedly agree that a date in the calendar shouldn't be the only reason to make a change. If anything it puts it off, delays it for a few months. 

But I like to see a New Year as a good time to stop and take stock of what's what. I also like to use it as a good kick up the bum to make me focus on the things I keep meaning to do but haven't got around to yet what with all that life getting in the way.

So here are my new year Runolutions for 2015

1) Join a Running club
Since completing two marathons in 2014, I have started to get a little more social in my running - whether it's with friends in work, free runs like Sweatshop Running Community or a rare run with my sister - there is no doubt that running with other people motivates me more and pushes me further and I don't think the enjoyment I've found since doing this is a coincidence. It's a lot more fun and finding new routes and places to run which you may not have known about it an added bonus. I have been  wanting to join a running club for a while now and have tried a couple in my area to see how they compare, so the new year coming seems like a good point to sign up.

2) Go to ParkRun and make it a routine.
The fact that I have not ever been to parkrun makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing. Free weekly timed 5k events, all over the country, hell all over the world and I've never been to one? Get a grip Crandon and go and do one! NOW! 

3) Try out Cross Country
Post marathons my running seems to have unexpectedly taken me to the trails, whether it be running through a forest in the dark, running through fields in Wales or finding new routes myself, I just can't seem to stay away and am particularly enjoying all the mud. This has made me want to get more involved and try out X Country - this will hopefully come with joining a running club.

4) Properly train for my half marathons and really try to break 1.45
Sure I've got my PB's in half marathons, but I can't honestly say hand on heart that I have really really pushed myself. I forget the length and challenge of a half until, it seems, I'm mid way through the event and the distance actually becomes real! So with no marathons this year and four halves in the diary, its time I stepped up and properly pushed myself. I am 45 seconds away from breaking 1:45 so lets really try and break this.

5) Have a clear out and lend a hand
Last but by no means least, I am using January as a kick start to donate some running kit to the brilliant A Mile in Her Shoes. They help disadvantaged women find their feet through running and rely on donations. I've had a pair of trainers that I've kept to send them for ages along with a whole host of other running gear which I haven't got round to sending. Terrible and no excuse. Now I'm making myself accountable right here. 
If you have any items of kit or running accessories, especially winter kit, which someone else would find more useful than you, send it on to these lovelies.

And that's it. Five things I WANT out of my running, and have been thinking about for a while with a New Year to kick start and motivate me to get going on them.

2015 - it's time to do this.

What are your Runolutions for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. You've never been to a parkrun? Good God woman, rectify this immediately!! :-)

    1. I know! Terrible! I need to sort my life out! Starting Saturday - parkrun here I come!!

  2. I'm joining you in Number 5 - been meaning to do it for ages. To repeat Autumn - get to a Parkrun immediately. In fact, check the website to see if there's one in your area on New Year's Day. As a special one - off some are at times other than 9am, so if there's more than one local one, you can do them all! If you like it, you could consider volunteering. I've really enjoyed marshalling.

  3. Yes my kit drawer is in huge need of a clean out and I really like the idea of being able to help this awesome charity!

    I'm going to parkrun on Saturday. Will definitely look at volunteering once I've got a few under my belt! Will let you know how I go!