Saturday, 20 September 2014

New injuries - new goals

Another week, another injury in my marathon training.

After weeks of taping and a week of swimming, cycling, yoga and absolutely NO RUNNING, my Achilles problem finally seems to be on the mend and I managed a pain free 10 miles last weekend. 'Brilliant' I thought, 'I can do my final taper runs and get back on track with the training.' Wahoo! Mojo back, leg back, BERLIN HERE I COME.

My body, however has other ideas. With a little over 7 days until the Berlin Marathon my knee seems to be having some sort of paddy. I am now spending my final week resting like this...

It is torture. Tapering is always an odd part of marathon training - the part where you feel like all your hard work thus far has instantly evaporated because you're only doing shorter runs to conserve your energy. It plays tricks with your mind. But with this knee injury and not seeing my Physio until Tues, I have new bigger, and much more realistic worries.

Earlier in my training my goal in Berlin, as always, was to get a PB. Best scenario, I was hoping for 3:45. More realistic scenario I was hoping to break 3:50 and take just a minute 50 seconds off my PB from London earlier this year. 

Well with 6 weeks of injury under my belt, and this new knee issue, my goals have changed significantly. My new goal is to get to the actual start line, something I won't know if I can do until Tuesday....

Next goal is to get to the finish line. Whilst I will still want the PB, and definitely will give it my all on the day, I stubbornly realise that with the real possibility of not being able to take part at all, just getting through next Sunday will be the ultimate goal. And really, who cares if it's not my fastest time? No one. I figure as long as I give it all I can on the day, then that medal will be well earned and well deserved regardless of some silly numbers.  

Tape, tape and more tape
My last, but certainly not least goal is to enjoy it. In all the stress of injury, training, resting, not being able to run, worrying about running, let alone all the other maranoia that comes with the Marathon, its hard to forget that this is meant to be FUN. I need to make sure I look around, enjoy the sights, enjoy the cheering, the crazy outfits, the cowbells, the atmosphere and have a bloody good time. Because otherwise, really, what's the point?!

I just need to get to the start line first.

Think good, leg healing thoughts people.

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