Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MISSING - If found please return.

I am done, spent, exhausted.

Currently training for my third marathon in Berlin, plagued by fatigue and injury over the past few weeks, my running mojo seems to have up and left. I've been deserted. This is not good with only 25 days to go until I run the marathon.

With the London Marathon also earlier this year, I feel like I've been running since December. I'M TIRED. And with only a couple of weeks break after London before embarking on Berlin training, I just feel so over it. This coupled with a hectic (but I must say absolutely bloody brilliant) year of 30th birthday celebrations, weddings and hen dos, not to mention a very busy work life this year, it's been difficult to fit it all in. And my heart just hasn't been in my training this time. 

Twitter, usually a source of encouragement and motivation, makes me think I'm not like these people I follow who are clearly brilliant superheroes, able to bash out 200 mile runs for breakfast, followed by a marathon for lunch and an Ironman for dinner.

And this Sunday just gone, I totally sacked off my long run altogether in favour of staying in having a nap and a curry. I have never contemplated not doing a long run during any training before,  but I just couldn't face it. 

So if you find it - pleeeeaaase send me back my running mojo. Preferably within the next 3 weeks.

Until then I'll be over here, pretending that I still have it. I'll continue on my training plan, run my crucial 20 miler, get myself to yoga, treat myself to some snazzy kit, eat right and perhaps the most crucial of all, get some shut eye. 

Maybe this is where it's hiding all along?

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