Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Shoe Review: Nike Zoom Structure + 16

Goodbye old friends. We've had some good times, we've had some bad. You've seen me, quite literally, through blood, sweat and tears. You've been there for me at the best of times, carried me across finish lines and kept me moving when I thought I could go no more.

But these times are over. I just don't feel supported by you any more like I once did.  Its not me, its you. You've passed your prime and there is someone new in my life. I've traded you for a new model...

Enter the Nike Zoom Structure + 16

Swit swoo!
OK these may not be the newest Nike structure model on the market, (there is now a + 17 model), but they are new to me this week so I thought I'd review.

Having had my old faithful Nike Zoom + 14 for over a year, and covered some pretty decent mileage in them, I knew it was time for some new kicks. My old shin niggle started flaring up again and I realised I've probably had the best out of my old runners.

I took a bit of a gamble on this new pair. I'd not even tried them on before I ordered them online from the Nike sale. However having been to a physio and had my gate analysed at the brilliant Sweatshop online (if you're new to running and never had this done, go and visit them and get kitted out properly. Its a brilliant, free service - seriously go. Now! It will change your running life), I'd been told many a time that I was flat footed and weak ankled. Well fine, I guess we all have our crosses to bear...

So, I knew I needed a structured pair of running shoes, and I wasn't unhappy with my old zooms, they had just been run in too many times.

As much as I wanted to succumb to the marketing ploys and get involved with the Nike Free, Adidas Boost or Nike Flyknits, I was a good running girl, stuck with what I knew and ordered the newer model of what I already had from the Nike website sale.

And Im glad I did. Not only are they super comfortable but they feel supportive and structured. The most noticeable difference from their trusty forerunner however is the weight. My god they're soooo light. This was my first thought as I sunk my feet in to them, 'the lightness, oh my the lightness'.

So after a couple of short runs and a long run today, I can confirm that these are a good running shoe if, like me, you're in the 'need for structure' gang.

They also look pretty good too and incidentally happen to go pretty well with my favourite running shorts.
Matchy matchy

So lesson learnt: stick with what you know, and an older (read: less extortionate) model  is no bad thing.

All in all I'm a happy runner in my new shoe relationship.

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