Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Running and racing in 2016

After a year off marathons there was much 'umming' and 'ahhing' over which marathon I would do come Spring 2016. Would it be London again after I loved it so much last time? Paris perhaps, along with a few Harriers? or would I run my adopted home city of Manchester?

After thinking about it at length, the lure of waking up in my own bed and celebrating post race at my local was too much for me and Manchester was entered! Im stupidly excited and am being bold and aiming pretty high for me with a time of 3.30. Yikes! This is massively quicker than my current PB of 3.51 so am hoping a lot of track sessions and hard work will help me get there. But in order to do that I'll also need to run some other races in the lead up to the big day.

These are, so far:

Cancer Research UK Winter Run 10k - 28th Feb Manchester
To run faster, you  need to...well run faster! So although 10k is not my favourite race distance, I figured I'd need a short sharp race to keep my speed up.  After it's launch in London last year, the Winter Run series has expanded to various locations throughout the country for 2016. As this 10k promises on course snow zones and plenty of polar bear hugs, I figured this was a good 10k to opt for and I was very kindly offered my place in it by the organisers. Im also hoping the fun course will help me beat my 10k PB which has been standing for over a year.

Coniston 14 - 19th March, Coniston
When I first joined my running club a year ago, the word 'Coniston' was said approximately 1 million times to me in the first couple of months and they were all to do with this lovely looking race in the Lake District. You get a slate table mat if you come top 10 and the scenery looks amazing. Im looking forward to the 14 mile course in March and it will hopefully act as a good gauge as to how I'm doing in my training. I can't wait to run a course which gets such rave reviews from my running buddies, especially as I'll get to run it along side them (well maybe quite a way behind the fast boys but you get the drift).

And so far, that's it! I'm on the look out for a good half marathon to chuck into the marathon training mix, along with weekly parkruns, cross country, club runs, long Sunday runs, track sessions....phew! I think it'll be a busy start to 2016!

What races are you planning for next year?

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