Friday, 9 January 2015

Run to the BEET - Crandon Runs Friday Photo #15

Congrats folks, you made it through the first week back at work! Phew! I have only managed to keep up with my running whilst being back at work thanks to Jantastic (post on this coming soon!)

To celebrate making it through, I kicked off my Friday morning with a Beetroot, Ginger, Apple and Chia juice. Yum. We all know beetroot is good for runners but its not always easy to get it in our tummies. I love the juice drink of this flavour from M&S so decided to make my own with what I had in the fridge.

Look at it in all its purple sexy glory.


Here is a rough recipe. You might want to experiment with quantities yourself but I have given roughly enough for one large juice.

1 to 1 and a half pre-cooked beetroot
shredded ginger (lazy ginger or fresh both work)
Approx 200ml apple juice
Teaspoon Chia Seeds
Handful of Spinach (optional)

Add all ingredients in any order into a blender and whizz up. Taste and amend any quantities. Hey presto - juice!

You can leave out the spinach, but I chuck in a handful as I always have it lying around in the fridge. This is also quite thick. If you can be bothered you can strain it but who has the time? If it's too thick for you just add some more apple juice.


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