Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Winter vs Summer Running

Well it's here. Time to face facts and pull out your running thermals, folks. Autumn is upon us.

And I for one am so bloody pleased! The joy of running in the cold way out-weighs the fun of running in the Summer months. Sure, the days are shorter; the cold early mornings mean morning runs are harder to crawl out of your nice warm bed for; and the rain, hail, wind and snow are an added, uh feature to contend with. 

But don't these just add to the fun of it all?

Choosing to run Berlin as my first marathon was largely based on the fact I wanted to train through the Summer months instead of training all winter. Oh, how young and foolish I was! The heat of the summer, trudging through what felt like the air from a hairdryer, with the sun in your eyes and the sunburn from a 3 hour training run were not what I had factored in. Compare that to the feeling of getting yourself warm through running in the cold, as your breath glows in front of you while the lights from the city make you feel like you're flying - there really is no contest for me.

Having now experienced marathon training in both Summer and Winter, I am glad that I decided to undertake the challenge of the London marathon and not let the thoughts of winter training ruin it for me. I am now an older and wiser runner and am happy to say I much prefer the winter runs.

That's not to say that it doesn't come without its own challenges. The snow is a big frustration, when you really want to be out pounding the pavement only to wake up to a blizzard, while the threat of injury inducing running on ice is both a danger and a nightmare. But the rain is never as bad as it seems once you're out there and the muddy soaked-through tired exhaustion at the end of it makes your training feel twice as earned. 

And hey, when you are treated to beautiful days, with the sun low in the sky, and you're bundled up all warm in your headband, gloves, long sleeves, etc there is no feeling like it.

So don't moan about the weather, embrace it, go forth and run it. 


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