Friday, 24 October 2014

CrandonRuns Friday Photo #4

A roundup of CrandonRuns in one weekly photo

This week - Love vs Need

Oh how fickle the seasons are! Last week I was all about the short shorts, and now a mere week later here I am wearing a headband and gloves when out running. But a drop in temperature means only one thing - NEW KIT! (I'm not sure of my excuse any other time of year, but we'll gloss over that) 

I have been eyeing these Adidas Studio Power Lace tights up for ages and now the colder weather surely means I NEED more lycra in my cupboards....yes?? 

Keep warm and happy running folks!


  1. My friend has these in pink. You need these in you llife!

  2. Yes...yes I do! They may be my reward'll think of something!