Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My new er...toy

In training for my third marathon, I finally bit the bullet last night and invested in a new gadget...of sorts. If I'm honest I've been putting off making this purchase but after my legs decided they hated me this week following an 18 mile run on Saturday, I knew it was time...

Enter the foam roller.
Ta Daaa!
Now its not been a long relationship, granted, but after 24 hours here are a few things I have learnt about this weird and wonderful bit of training equipment.

1) It hurts like a bitch
It's true. It hurts. Pressing and rolling and doing all sorts of odd things to aching muscles is not going to be a walk in the park. It's a nice (ish) pain though, like when you get a really good sports massage. But not as good. Obviously.

2) It looks weird.
Try rolling around on a bit of bright orange foam and not feeling like a doofus. Worse still, you look like you are actively trying to have sex with this orange bit of foam. Throw in the noises escaping from the pain and it might be best to alert your loved ones/ flat mates/ neighbours/ cat (delete as appropriate) before they raise eyebrows, and let them know that you are not in fact attempting relations with this new random object you sneaked upstairs after your run...

3) It's a workout in itself
Now I know I don't have the most amazing upper body strength, but this foam rollering lark is hard work! Phew wee! I was TIRED after a mini session last night. My arms, my legs...

4) It (seems) to work!
Now again, its only been a day - but I totally knackered my calf last night on a 5 mile fast run. It HURT. With 6 and a half weeks to go to Berlin Marathon I do NOT want to be getting an injury. I dutifully foam rollered last night, and while I'm not miraculously cured, I can actually walk rather than hobble today.

So there we go - I probably should've got one a long time ago - even if to just give my boyfriend a laugh at me rolling around like a running loon.

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