Sunday, 22 February 2015

Parkrun tourism - Crandon Runs Friday Photo #21

A weekly round up of Crandon Runs in one Friday Photo

After accidentally running 11 miles after work on Thursday, I decided that instead of my usual long run, this weekend I would do a spot of park run tourism while at home in Cardiff and do a steady paced 5K instead. 

Parkrun was one of my New Years Runolutions and I am absolutely loving the atmosphere there. It's so good and the fact that they are everywhere means you can do them almost wherever you are that weekend! After Katie wrote about it recently, I thought I should definitely try out the one on my home turf in Cardiff.

Cardiff parkrun

I'm not entirely sure why I'm looking so serious, I loved it! The 'taking it easy' part didn't go too well though when a guy running slightly ahead asked me my PB and told me to stick with him as he was pacing 23 mins and was well ahead of that time. I didn't WANT to race, but I couldn't seem to stop myself trying for a PB when I knew it might be in sight. So the easy run soon turned into a reasonably hard effort for me and I ended up with a new PB of 22.20. 

Well that's probably why I'm looking so serious, my body is trying to keep up with my brain.

Maybe I'll take it easy next week.

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