Friday, 17 April 2015

Joining a Running club - Crandon Runs Friday Photo #29

It's official, I am a Harrier!

Manchester YMCA Harrier

Sick of running alone, I'd been thinking about joining a running club for a long time and as one of my New Year Runolutions, this was top of my list. It's no secret that I find running with other people way more fun than heading out alone, and I wanted to get to know more people who were in to running. 

Like lots of people I was a little scared of joining a running club and worried that I wasn't 'pro' enough. But I decided to man up when I saw that the Manchester YMCA Harriers were having a new members night to try out the club, and so I popped down to see what it was like. After going along to the club run on a Thursday night a few times I knew that this was the club for me. 

Joining a club really lets you get involved in the local running scene, gain wisdom from coaches and other local runners as well as do different sessions/races that you might not do alone; cross country, track sessions and hill training along with various club championships.

I've now been a proper Harrier since January and I absolutely LOVE IT. The people are really friendly, welcoming and encouraging. There are all kinds of levels within the club too - there's no pressure to be the best, and you are just encouraged to get involved as much as you want to. There is also a great social side to the club. Running with them has already seen me improve my race times and I genuinely look forward to Thursday nights. Now I just need to get myself down to track...

I've had a few conversations via twitter with people who are considering joining a club but are a little anxious - I say 'go for it!'. Yes it can seem really daunting and scary but you needn't worry. Pop down one night and just give it a go - if they are too snooty (which they won't be) then try somewhere else until you find the right fit for you. Your running (and social life) will definitely improve and you will totally love it. 

I got my new vest yesterday and think the Manchester Marathon half and half relay this weekend might be the perfect time to take it out for a spin.

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