Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Marathon Planning

This week I've finally stopped hiding from the inevitable, pulled my head out of the sand and started what I like to call 'Crandon's London Marathon training planning'.

Putting it all down on paper and in my calendar is both scary and exciting all at once. I'm actually looking forward to that satisfying achy feel whilst basking in a glow of achievement after running 14, 16, 18 miles. I'm looking forward to the new gear I just *have* to purchase (my boyfriend has pointed out that I already buy more lycra than normal clothing) and after heading out on a few dark and chilly early morning and evening runs this week, I'm even looking forward to the winter training. But my word, putting it on a calendar makes it seem not to far away that I will be running those long old distances.

I'm attempting to learn from my last marathon prep and have made a few goals for my training. Not only for the marathon, for the training too. Drum-roll please:

  1. I will try and eat properly. Just because I've run 20 gazillion miles in a week does not mean that cake, cake and more cake is an appropriate fuel for running. Protein post run and good-for-me healthy tasty snacks will be my friend. Repeat after me, "food is fuel, food is fuel..."
  2. This time I will try and be a good marathon runner in training, and fight the voices that tell me I DEFINITELY should go out to celebrate running 20 miles non-stop - you've earned it!
    Yes, a post run beer or two is good and well deserved. Partying until 4 in the morning and drinking all the booze is not a good, or hydrating, recovery plan.
  3. I will cross train. I will build my core strength. I will do more than just bloody run all the sodding time. Last time I did barely any cross training and at about 16 weeks into the plan began to resent running and hit a plateau. Yoga, swimming and cycling (hello new bike - more on that soon) will add to my running and strength I hope.
  4. I will remind myself that running further and further and increasing the strain on my body should be rewarded with more sleep to recover. Hurrah!  

So these are my pre training vows which I hope to keep up. Now that I've written them down and shared them with you, I better bloody try and stick to them! I'm hoping that in doing it properly, I will finish the race injury free, stronger and achieve my ultimate marathon goal of runner faster than my last time of 03:59:40.

So Merry Christmas to me - my 16 week plan begins on the 23rd Dec. Ding dong.

Big goals in sight

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